Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pattern #10 Preston's Cyberdog Sweater

This pattern was fashioned after the sweater in A Close Shave, when Preston is shaved and has his robotic self revealed. Since the sweater looks all gnarly in the movie, it is a great piece for beginners. The more slipped stitches and mysterious bumps the more authentic it will look.

Size: my pattern is for a small to medium sized dog. If you wanted to make it for a toy dog, you could just halve it like a recipe; doubling it for a med to large dog. But I think it would be better looking if you sized it down by needles and weight of yarn. For example, use a size 5 needle and sport weight yarn for a toy, and a size 13 needles and bulky weight yarn for a med to large dog.

Materials: I used some ugly tan colored stash yarn that was from an estate sale. It just happened to be the perfect color. Any worsted weight would do, but if you are going to buy, I would recommend Lion Brand fisherman's wool in Oatmeal.

Needles: size 7 American, or whatever gives you a gauge with 7 st x 12 rows= 2" square.

This pattern comes in 4 pieces; top, bottom, and legs. Top fits dog's back, bottom fits dog'stummy.

Directions: Cast on 26. Knit every row for 44 rows or 7". Break thread but leave on needle. Cast on 26 for Top.
row 1-2 Knit.
row 3-18 increase 2 stitches every row 6 times (k1,m1, knit until 2 st remain k1,m1,k last st)
then increase 1 st every row 10 times (k1, m1, knit until end of row).
There are now 46 st and you width should be roughly 13". Place a little bow of yarn here on each end if you like. It will help you to match up the bottom for sewing later.
Knit until piece measures 10", leaving one piece on each needle (top on one needle, bottom on the other) join bottom and knit across. You could bind them off and pick up stitches and use a circular needle, but as I am so attached to my chopstick needles I have decided to knit it in this manner.
Next row, k1, k2 tog
(beg in by purling) knit in stockinette st for 4 rows.
BO, no need to be loose.
Legs: cast on 20 st, k for 10 rows. BO, leave a long tail to fold in half and sew up sides.
Assembly: IF you've left long tails you can use these to sew everything up. I put the legs right under the collar, but you can place them anywhere on the sides to fit your dog. No need to be neat if you want it true to the original, and voila! Frankensweater!


  1. what size dog is this for please?

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