Monday, October 5, 2009

Pattern #5 Skiing Appliance Scarf

You'll have to bear with me, I am rather new to all this blog stuff. I started this blog ( despite my ineptitude) because I had something I wanted to share. If you couldn't tell by the name of this blog, that I am a huge fan of Wallace and Gromit. I am also a knitter. I mean REALLY a knitter. I LOVE knitting! I do it anytime I have a chance to. If you live in Chicago you've probably seen me on the "El" or the bus having at it. Being such a compulsive knitter, I of course identified so much with Gromit. And there are are knitted items all over the movies, especially a close shave!
This Blog is the place where I would like to share my interpretations of the knit items I have seen in the Wallace and Gromit movies. They won't be perfect, and most of them will have tp be knit with yarn from my stash (times are too tight for me to indulge my yarn snobbery) but I hope you will enjoy them just the same.
So to begin I present you with pattern #5:


I have interpreted this scarf to be a tube scarf to be knitted on two needles. This manner of knitting allows for double warmth, no curling, and no seam.

Materials: Size 7 (4.5mm) needles (as I am very fond of the needles I made from chinese takeout chopsticks and an electric pencil sharpener -sanded down with a nail file and rubbed down with a birthday candle- and insist on knitting everything I can with them!)
Any worsted weight yarn will do, but if you would like to treat yourself, I would recommend Lion Brand Cashmere blend in cream and black.
You'll probably need a crochet hook for the fringe too.

Instructions: Cast on 50 stitches. This will be double the width of the actual scarf. You can use any method, but I like the "thumb" method.
First and every row: *K 1, bring yarn to the front, slip 1 st purlwise, bring yarn to the back; repeat from * all across row. This will form a tube without needing a circular needle. You could knit this on a circular needle, but I myself prefer this method.
Work 5 rows in cream then five rows in black until piece measures 50 inches.
Bind off.
I usually carry up the unused color to avoid having ends, but I suppose since it is a tube, you could just drop the ends in the inside.
Add fringe as you like, and VOILA! scarf.

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